Another Weekend in the Books



Oh the weeks and weekends are just flying by, aren’t they?  While I was cooking dinner last night (check it off my goals list, sisters!), I couldn’t even remember how I spent the day before.  It just felt like the past weekend wasn’t a whole week ago…ya know?  Anyway, Friday we hung around the living room, doing what we do best (Ethan gaming, me reading, Simon sleeping).  Saturday I read before heading out with Ethan to the post office and Walmart for supplies and groceries.  After unloading the Rogue and getting some Netflix in, friends came over to drink beer with Ethan.  I prepped menu items for the following day.  I researched serveware on Pinterest right before bed and fell asleep wishing some would magically appear in the kitchen overnight.

I started my Sunday with a quick trip to the grocery store for some essentials we forgot and came back to Skype my sister and mom (and the puppies).  Then I got to work preparing the rest of the menu for the small dinner party we were hosting.  Simon and our baby’s breath centerpiece were definitely weekend favorites.  All the onions I chopped were not!!  How was your weekend? Does it still feel like winter where you are?

Be sure to come back Friday for pictures from the dinner!



  1. Mary Ellen · · Reply

    Our weekend flew by way too quickly!!!!!!

    1. It’s crazy how that happens!

  2. Amanda Wozniak · · Reply

    can’t wait to see simon boy!

    1. He can’t wait to see you, I know it!

  3. I didn’t cook at all. I know. I am determined to start cooking regularly when I get to Seattle! It sounds like a great weekend. A good balance of relaxing and socializing. xo

    1. At our house it’s a week of me cooking, and then a week of easy frozen-pour-on-a-pan finger foods. Ethan likes simple foods best…and hates leftovers. I hope you share some of your recipes when you start! =)

  4. This sounds like a day at my house, me reading and the husband gaming! Is Ethan into xbox or computer gaming? Derek used to play on xbox but switched to computer gaming, it is so entertaining watching him play, he gets so into it. 🙂

    1. He is really into his PS3 right now…Call of Duty, zombies and such. He was playing Everquest, but they shut the servers down…he is so upset about it! I shake my head at him most of the time…I prefer simpler games, Super Nintendo style. =) Glad I’m not the only lady out there with a gaming husband!

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