A Rustic Menu, II


I hadn’t used my William-Sonoma Essentials of Classic Italian Cooking yet, and when friends told me they wanted to come over for some home-cooking I figured it be the perfect opportunity to bust it out.  At first I flipped through all the pages, lost on where to begin the dinner party menu.  Luckily I found pre-made menus at the back of the book, and a rustic menu sounded simplistic, but perfect.  I altered it according to the tastes of my guests (like not bothering to prep sauteed mixed greens), and I feel like it was a success.


| Fire and Light dinnerware in slate & baby’s breath bouquet |


| my great new vintage napkins that are begging for embroidered monograms |

| via this etsy shop |


| flat griddle bread |


| pork sausage smothered in onions and tomatoes |


| Grandmother’s pastry ring |

Everything was pretty simple to make, believe it or not, and the men ate it up!  Can’t wait for our next dinner party.  Happy Friday lovelies.



  1. what a lovely table, and the food looks yummy!

  2. This sounds fabulous, and everything looks divine! I long to have a big enough dining table to throw a dinner party!

    1. It was definitely quaint, but enjoyable =) we currently can’t have more than five over, unless we use paper plates!

  3. O my your table looked soooo good! Great job.

    1. Thanks girl =)

  4. YUM!!! i want to come over!

    1. If you are ever in Alaska… =)

  5. So beautiful! So nice to see my napkins in use!

    1. They are simply delightful and really elevated the tablescape!

  6. Mary Ellen · · Reply

    So beautiful!!!!!! And looks sooooo yummy!!!!!

    1. Hehe, the boys talked about how they don’t eat sausage much…I was like…waaaahat?

  7. do the monograms!!!

  8. This made me hungry! Looks yummy!

  9. […] I did however order an apron and throw that dinner party (if you missed it, check it out here).  Not too […]

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