Happiness is…

happiness is...

| …leaving the crust for last |

Wah, wah, the weekend is over!  Did you have a restful two days?  Did you throw away your eating good for some good eating?  I have been trying with all my might to get my snacking under control, but I’ve taken my mom’s philosophy to heart (eat good during the week and treat yourself on the weekends) and got to enjoy some girl scout cookies, a surprise soda and pineapple and peperoni pizza.  It was lovely.

Friday Ethan came home in the late afternoon after sitting at work for a few hours with the Internet servers down.  We had an early dinner and after dishes, we went our separate ways until he joined me on the couch for Phoebe in Wonderland.  Is anyone else simply captivated by Patricia Clarkson’s face?  I just enjoy seeing her on-screen.  Anyway, we crawled into bed rather abruptly around midnight, only to be woken up by a fiesty Simon eight, short hours later.

Saturday morning after taking Simon out in what felt like the super cold (it was really only low 20s), I turned our heat back on and blogged from the couch.  Simon took up his position on the top of the cushions, and rested his head so sweetly on my shoulder.  I melted with happiness.  When Ethan emerged we finalized plans to meet his friends at the Polar Bowl, and I felt like such a horrible mama for leaving my Simon home.  I have such separation issues with that pup, I can’t imagine how I’d feel leaving him to go to work everyday!  After chowing down on burgers and sharing a thing of fries, we divvied up lanes and laced up our bowling shoes.  The party lights were on and camouflaged the guiding arrows on the lanes, so much to my dismay my game was a little very off. Ethan played exceptionally well and one of our friends was one pin away from a tenth frame turkey!  But most of us were just plain robbed of higher scores.  After a ride home at dusk, complete with Lana del Rey sing-a-long, we settled in for a long night of gaming, blogging, and playing with Simon boy.

Sunday started too early in my opinion, with nudges and grumbles from Simon.  I reluctantly left the coziness of our bed, and while Simon began his daily guard duty at the window, I curled up on the couch for a few extra winks of sleep.  Eventually I did take Simon outside.  Although my eyes were still heavy, there is no going back to bed after a faceful of chilly air.  While Ethan slept I talked to my sister and my mom, and called around to antique stores about french ironstone (no luck on that front).  When Ethan woke up we deliberated how to spend our day, as what we had planned with friends fell through.  We decided on the best pizza in our town, and it was gooood.  I usually have a hard time stomaching pizzas, but Pinocchio’s is delish everytime (that’s our joke name for it).  The rest of the day was completely open, aside from time dedicated to groceries and The Walking Dead.

Some of the blogging I did this weekend includes a revamp of the pages up above.  You may notice the addition of the “Book Club” which is a comprehensive list (of summaries) of all the books I have reviewed here on Caviar.  If you are ever curious what my next book to read is, you can check that list; it will always be at the top!

And before you get back to your Monday, I’d really like to thank you for reading.  I know there are thousands of blogs out there, and I feel honored you have chosen to come back to mine.  xx



  1. Mary Ellen · · Reply

    That pizza looks yummy!!!!!!! I hope to be able to indulge after a few more dental check ups. Maybe you and I- lean can get a bowling game in while you are home!,

    1. Oh my gosh, you’d better! We have so many good places to eat at when I’m home! And bowling–yesyesyesyesyes.

  2. Only low 20’s?! Omg I would die. I can’t handle the 50’s lol. I hate leaving Lola for work. I feel so guilty 😦

    1. 50’s up here is heaven! I didn’t believe Ethan when he told me I’d adjust (because I am terribly prone to being cold to the bone!), but I have adjusted somewhat. Days in the 30s don’t require more than a Northface jacket, believe it or not!

  3. holy moley – I would keel over in 20 degree weather. and it sounds like you had such a wonderful (and recharge) kinda weekend. I need more of those in my life.

    1. You Cali girls, hehe. With being free for this semester, you’d better not be working yourself to the bone! Enjoy your engagement with fun activities too! Not just planning, planning, planning!

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