First Thursday Special


March, how are you here already?  Believe me, I love that you are the beginning of Spring!  I just can’t believe that Ethan’s been my husband for one year and I’ve lived here for nine months already.  Cra-zay.

Anyhow, this month I want to crank out another chunk in my book.  I can see the end, believe it or not, I just need to get writing it!  I find myself being really productive with it on and off, but for 10,000 words I need to work on it fairly consistently.  If only I had a lovely little typewriter to bang away at.  Wish me luck!

The fifteenth is our anniversary, so a fun dinner date or two are definitely in store.  Ethan has already told me he wants to go to Benihana…hello, I have been craving fried rice for an eternity!  I kind of feel like some home-style cooking too, so I’m going to try to convince Ethan to go to a place we haven’t been to.  Nevertheless, my mom kindly sent the top of our wedding cake to us last week;  it’s chilling in our freezer as I type (so I know dessert is taken care of!).  I can still remember cutting into that thing…how has it been a year?!  I know, I’m a broken record.  I have a cute idea planned for when we go home, but I’ll be photo-documenting our evening as always.

March is also the month of my dear friend’s birthday.  Since his death, it has become an annual movie night of his favorite directors and films.  He loved The Life Aquatic, and told me he thought I’d love Rushmore (which I slept through the time we tried to watch it; later I did buy and watch it; and yes, I loved it).  Since I haven’t seen Moonrise Kingdom yet, I thought it would be the perfect time to.  Love and miss you, Jacob.

At the very end of the month Ethan and I will be flying out to Missouri for leave!  Yay!  Which means some magazine shopping is in order.  I desperately want the new issue of Souvenir.  When we went home in December, I couldn’t put the holiday copy down.  Worth every penny!

What do you hope to accomplish this March?

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  1. Mary Ellen · · Reply

    I can’t believe it is almost your one year anniversary!!!!!! So glad the wedding cake traveled well, I was so worried. Counting down the days to see all of you!!!!!

    1. Me neither. So crazy.

  2. O how time flies! Love that you saved your cake, we did that too and it still tasted delicious.

    1. Hooray! It’ll be nice to relive the day a little, even if it is through a piece of cake =)

  3. This month sounds like it will be wonderful to you! You’ve been married for a year?! I have a feeling August (our anniversary) will be here before I know it… Funny how that happens! I’m excited to see how you celebrate! Assuming you take lots of photos! 😀

    1. Knowing us it will be lots of good eating, and little else! I wish the weather would change from dreary to gorgeous here…it would make me feel like we have so many more options!

  4. Great goals and they are all so attainable. I want to see Moonrise Kingdom, thanks for reminding me! Very cute blog. Following in Bloglovin.

    Ali of

    1. Thanks so much, Ali!

  5. oh you sweet girl. thanks for honoring my brother in a fashion he would truly love. sorry to hear i will be missing you by a week at home 😦 we’ll be visiting next weekend.

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