Dream Team


Blame it on the Rachel Ashwell books I’ve had my nose in, but I am really dreaming of our future home as of late.  The other night, I made a list of everything I want to accomplish when I am home in MO, and a list for later down the road when we move back permanently.  As I scribbled down items I hope to “borrow” from my parents and extended family and new ones that I hope to find, I noticed some driving forces behind what I chose.  And they all have to do with my childhood.

1.  The pink chair velvet tufted chaise lounge.  I don’t remember the exact year that my mom surprised me with it, but I was definitely in grade school.  It is so dramatic, so antique, and still in mint condition.  I’d curl up with a book or thoughtfully arrange my dolls on it.  Unfortunately, I later went through this phase where it didn’t really fit in, and so we moved it to the basement.  It’s been down there ever since.  I don’t know how I was so daft to pursue a home style that wouldn’t complement my chaise, but I did for awhile.  The memory of my chair ate at me though, and it’s nice to know that it will go perfect with this eclectic/shabby style I’m settling into.  I feel like if I had my chaise up here in Alaska, I would have made some truer-to-me purchases, but…I lived and learned.


2.  The canopy bed or the-little-girl-fantasy-bed-that-I-never-got.  I still have the innate desire to retire to a frilly bedroom, draw the curtains on my bed, don a glamorous eye-mask, and shut the world out for the sweetest of slumbers.  When I moved up here (a.k.a. really started married life) I thought I had to give up my girlish dreams and decorate for not only a more grown-up me, but Ethan too.  What.a.disaster.  He finally granted me full decorating control, and my desire for a canopy bed reignited.  Again, there isn’t much I can do about it while we finish our time in Alaska, but knowing that I am going to get the canopy bed of my dreams someday is so comforting.


3.  The white wicker free-standing mirror.  I can’t accurately explain why I love this so much, but I do, and I’ve always been impossibility far from attaining it.  White wicker just reminds me of the nineties, and The Babysitter’s Club.  It is such an iconic piece of furniture to me, and I can feel you cringing already.  But I don’t care.  I want one.  There is a little boutique in my hometown that has one in the flesh, and I admire it every time I go in.  It’s the only one I’ve ever seen in person.  It once had a pricetag on it, but I was too chicken to take the plunge.  Now they just use it as display.  Sigh.


4.  The hope chest.  When it was time to give up playing with Barbies, my mom, sister, and I sat down and saved the best dolls and pieces.  Along with a two-piece retro pink kitchen set (that still rocks my world when I think about it), we put the Barbie stuff into a huge brown trunk beside patchwork quilts and closed the lid.  My mom told me it was the hope chest.  And it fascinated me.  Years and years later when I moved back home, I needed a big flat surface to hold my monster printer.  My mom suggested the trunk.  We emptied it so that the bottom wouldn’t fall out, and it’s served as extra storage in my bedroom since then.  I don’t know what future room would be best suited for it, but I see so many possibilities.

There are other things from my childhood, like the metal stool that used to sit next to our home telephone, the black and white 50’s dining room table, and my dad’s workbench from the shed.  Let’s face it, I love the furniture that I grew up with.  And if I wanted to be overzealous, I’d mention the carousel horse my uncle repainted countless times for Halloween (apparently that is long gone, but I have my suspicions he just wants it for himself).  Knowing the pieces I can’t live without definitely has inspired me to think about what furniture to add (primarily in the categories of living and dining rooms).  I feel like we were at a real disadvantage not being about to ship any of my existing furniture, and I’m so aware of how less cool our apartment looks because of it.

So now you know.

What pieces are characteristically you (that you own or hope to own in the future)?



  1. Mary Ellen · · Reply

    All will be waiting for you when you move back!!!!!!!

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