The Essentials | the Denim Cut-Off and Other Thoughts


Although I loved shorts when I was younger, as I grew up I steadily avoided them.  Mostly because I was so self-conscious about the skin on my legs.  But a recent change in how I shave (instead of shaving cream, I now use hair conditioner) has drastically improved the look and feel of my legs.  And even though I am ghostly pale porcelain, I want to show off!  Sure I won’t be donning them for months yet, but I’m so in the mood for summer I’m willing to overlook that tiny, insignificant detail.

When considering how to go about purchasing denim cut-offs, the first question is, vintage or new?  I think vintage, but my sister thinks new.  She detests thrift stores and vintage clothing anyway, but her apprehension makes me wonder.  My mom is willing to go to Goodwill with me and browse the racks.  So now I just have to decide on which route to take.  Would you pay full-price for a small amount of distressed material?

In this case, I’m just going to throw out my idealism of buying made in America.  I mean, I barely imagine finding something I’ll like under fifty bucks (my projected price point), let alone have it be manufactured in the land of the free.  I may kill two birds with one stone if I choose to thrift, but that is unlikely.  I guess we shall see.  Part of me really wants to stick with the most basic of denim brands, Levi’s and Wrangler.  But with all these new stipulations, I’m sure I won’t be able to get everything I want.

I don’t have any options to really show, because I haven’t found any worthy pairs yet!  Since I’m hoping to see what I can find thrifting first, I’m putting off my online search.  So what say you?  Would you rather get a deal second-hand or does wearing someone else’s clothing freak you out?  Do you even like denim cut-offs or do you think they are best kept on supermodels and opt for less distressed shorts instead?  Tell me.


Something else that has been floating around this head of mine is the matter of new bras.  Okay, is this too personal?  I hope not.  Because I’d like your opinion!  Since I went and got fitted at Nordstrom in August, I’ve been wearing my convertible bra everyday.  It just fits me better, and it’s now my only bra in my correct size.  The downside to this bra is that is it black.  And if I want to wear a light-colored shirt, I always have to layer another one underneath.  Bleh.  I’ve been looking for new bras that are dainty, with pretty details, and all the ones I’m drawn to happen to be white.

Now, besides my black  bra I have nude as my only other color option.  And nude is so not sexy.  Not that I want to be a vamp underneath my clothes everyday, but flesh-colored is just so bor-ring!  I never got much use out of funky colors, because they always showed through (in an awkward way).  So I’ve continued to pine over white bras…against the advice of the fashion books I’ve read and own.

When I saw the above image on Refinery 29 though, I wanted to thank the universe for a white-bra precedent!  Laura Hofmann paired the pretty but modest white bra under a mostly sheer blouse and I think it is perfection.  I wouldn’t be wearing quite as sheer tops as this one, but!  It’s basically the same thing that I have been wanting.  Instead of having it be a trashy “I’m showing my bra” kind of look, it reminds me more of a bygone era, when bras only came in white.  Altogether, it just looks and feels right to me, and I’m thinking of sticking it to the man and going for it.

Do you have any thoughts on this matter?  Do you think about your style all the way down to your skivvies or do you wear them more for necessity than expression?

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  1. I’m way more comfortable in a nude bra personally, but I love the way the white one shows… I just don’t have the guts to pull it off.

    1. Thanks for your input =)

  2. I love denim curt offs! I just bought a new pair at J.Crew and I’m obsessed. Now if it would only stop snowing so I can take them out of the bag–I’m optimistic.

    1. I’ll have to try on J.Crew cut-offs when I shop in April…AK is so deceiving right now. It’s super sunny but blistering cold (at least I think so…low twenties…).

  3. Love the looks of denim cutoffs. I always go with what fits best. Vintage or new doesn’t matter to me as long as it looks good! As boring as nude bra’s are, they are typically what I buy because I don’t want to to worry about what color shirt I’m wearing.

    1. Good, I’m hoping to score a few pairs to get me through our two months of summer! And thanks for your input on the bra sitch!

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