Scenic Alaska from the Comfort of My Passenger Seat


| scenic Old Glenn Highway heading toward Palmer, AK |

You asked for it, and I (hope I) delivered!  On Friday (Ethan’s day off and our anniversary), we  headed out for a fun-filled day.  We first drove north to Palmer where I knew there would be some good unobstructed views, and then south to Anchorage (but by then we were starving and decided not keep seeking out scenery).  I tried my best to bring you interesting shots, without all the gross highway lights and electrical wires (which is difficult even here!).

The day was sunny but cold, and I regret to tell you that I took all of these from the comfort of the passenger seat of our car (with one exception, which is noted).  I don’t know how nature photographers do it.  Also, you won’t see Simon in any of these.  Our outing in Anchorage was too long to leave him in the car.  So I hid lots of treats around the house to occupy his afternoon.  Without further ado…


| love the juxtaposition of man-made structures and nature |


| entering Mat-Su Valley |


| rivers re-frozen with the low temperatures we’ve been experiencing |


| an image I had to include, regardless of that pesky railing |

| looks marshy in the summer and eerie in the winter |


| nothing but blue skies and snow caps |


| nice reflection of the mountains we have yet to explore |


| this scenic overlook in Palmer was supposed to be the money shot |

| but terrifying winds threatened knocking Ethan over for this photo |

| he was chivalrous to fear the winds and let me stay inside the car |


| squint to see the snow-covered mountains in the distance |

**a big thank you to my wonderful husband for driving me around Alaska for this post**



  1. Mary Ellen · · Reply

    Absolutely beautiful!!!!!!

    1. Wish you and Pa would just come up to visit already! And Amanda and the puppies too =)

  2. Fantastic! Love that reflected photo. And the scenery is breathtaking. That eerie/marshy shot with the mountains in the background is fascinating. These are so good – thanks for sharing these pictures.

    1. Glad you approve!

  3. WOW!!!

  4. These all look amazing! Would have never guessed they were taken from your car! I’ve always wanted to see Alaska in person. I don’t know if I could handle all that cold though! Maybe this is the perfect view 😉

    1. If you want to see Alaska, I suggest you go for it! The winter is a pain but summer was too delicious. Can’t wait for spring to show up.

  5. Wow–what stunning photos!

    1. Yay! Thanks, Lena.

  6. I really hope to make it to Alaska one day – these photos are absolutely breath taking!

    1. Thank you for that, Gloria =)

  7. Thank You!!!!!!

    1. Hehe, you are welcome!!

  8. Thanks for sharing such beautiful photos!

    1. You are very welcome!

  9. The readers asked, and you answered! Wow. I am loving the mountains here as well. What a fun drive! xo

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