I Might Finally Be Admitting I’m A Little Bit Country


Growing up in Southeast Missouri, I felt like the little outcast of my family.  Everyone, including my sister, was born in Illinois/outskirts of Chicago.  I think it gave me a complex about being “country” or not, because I was always refusing to listen to those radio stations and to identify myself with that lifestyle.

Regardless of how everyone else was rockin’ their country roots, I had my own way (which I probably wouldn’t have admitted was country at all, until now).  Too many adorable/embarrassing photos of me wearing my favorite overalls when I was little live in storage in our basement, and I always wanted my parents to buy a farmhouse with some land so I could have a horse.  I spent many family camping trips fishing in lakes and ponds and sitting around the fire in flannel.  Nowadays, it’s me listening to Dolly Parton and Patsy Cline, still wanting a horse, and dreaming of raiding Ariel’s wardrobe in the latest Footloose (even if it has its fair share of midriff baring tops).  Sometimes I wish I could have been more open to that lifestyle in high school (when I all-out shunned it), and maybe I could have said I’d gone four-wheeling or know how to line-dance by now.

Below are just a couple things inspiring my country side lately.


| gorgeous lifestyle shots for Emily Rosendahl leather goods |


| The Prairie B & B by Rachel Ashwell |

| top image via |



  1. Mary Ellen · · Reply

    I have always loved the “old” country music of Patsy Cline, Dolly Parton, Johnny Cash etc.!!!

    1. Oh yes, Cash for sure.

  2. In high school I had a hard time accepting who I really was in similar regards too. I wish then I hadn’t beat myself up for not partying. I would have liked to embrace my school and my life. Ah. Such is looking back. Lessons that are better late than never! Go country, Dana. Do it. xo

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