Throwing Thoughts Into the Universe

I have some thoughts.  And I don’t quite know what to make of them, so I’m throwing them into the universe and maybe they’ll come back to me like a boomerang.

I’m becoming increasingly fussy when I don’t have my own photographs to put on the blog.  What would be better a supplement to my writing than my own photography (I’m using photography very loosely here, since I have no training)??  I think nothing.  So, from now on, you may not be seeing pictures with every post, depending on if I have the means to take them myself.  I request your patience, as I’m trying to refine what message I send out through my every tweet, post, and pin.

Something else that I’ve been frustrated over is the fact that I can’t install the plug-in so that my own content can be easily pinned (believe it or not, some of my content does get pinned on Pinterest (whoever you are, I automatically L-U-V you)).  Of course that has to do with the fact that I am and some big things have to happen if I change that.  I have about a billion (okay, not really a billion) business blog cards with all this info that would be completely wasted if I made any changes soon.  Should I make a deal with myself that once all my cards are gone I can start thinking about changes?  Or would that be unwise to scatter this name and address everywhere to then go and scrabble it all up?

This leads me to the name itself, and while I think it still fits (since I have an eye for things with deadly price-tags), it may not be the best thing to promote myself later on…like if when (eek) I get published and I’d like to continue my blogging venture.  Would something more me-based be easier to correspond with later on?  I really don’t like the thought of, “author Dana McDowell…read her unrelated-to-her-career-blog-title here.”  Am I a complete goof to be dreaming about this when my writing isn’t even finished?  Just keep swimming…

All in all, this is probably about me knowing myself a little bit better than when I started in the first place.  Me blabbing about our lives here and sharing my latest reads and purchases and projects…most of that will stay the same.  I think it’s about where I’m going, what I see for myself in the future that is making me dizzy with these thoughts.  I haven’t invested in the blog but twice since starting it in May (okay, I guess three if you count the custom upgrade option), and I’d like for it to grow a little conceptually and then grow content-wise continually after.  2013 has already been extremely insightful for me, and I’d like to put some of what I know now to better use.

None of this is going to be rushed, mind you.  I have to think long and hard about all of this.  Blogging takes up half of my on-the-computer time, so I don’t think it’s that snobbish to be having thoughts like this.  So many past decisions are stepping stones to bigger things, and I just wonder if changing/tweaking/regrouping will give me wings.

I’m not a shopaholic so you won’t be seeing moodboards anymore.  And I’m not crazy about trends unless they are all about what I already love (I really hope you knew that already).  Right now, what is important to me is my writing and my ability to share snapshots of our world with you.  If that is important to you as well, please stick around.

Writing this post gives me the same feeling that driving to theater practice did my junior year of high school.  I always had this crazy fear that I was going to die before gracing the stage of Notre Dame.  It meant so much to me to say that I was an actress in the fall production, that it scared the living daylights out of me every single drive to school.  Literally, my fear grew and grew all the way up until opening night.  Just the same as now, I don’t know if I’m going to make it– it quite honestly feels like I’m not most of the time– but I want it so bad that I’m doing it.


My final thought after all of the above has to do with my laptop.  Obviously I spend a lot of time on the computer for writing and blogging.  I have a four year old ASUS that is crapping out.  Today it has been behaving, buuut…I’ve had all too frequent freezes and yesterday I used Ethan’s computer all day long.  So, as I squeeze every ounce of life out of it, I also have to think about what I will get when it dies completely.  I waaaaant a Mac.  PC is more affordable.  But I WAAAAAAAAAAANT a Mac.  Decisions, decisions.  I would definitely love to simplify my life and get something I can have for much longer than four years.  I hate big purchases.  They stress me out.



  1. Mary Ellen · · Reply

    I love your photos!!!!!! As always, would like to see more!!!!

    1. I know =) thank you.

  2. I am obsessed with my mac… Obsessed, but I love the idea of all the intel tablets- they have that user friendly interface. Girl. You are doing some major pondering. Who cares if it isn’t a hundred percent related? I am thinking about Mindy Kaling and her blog. It is mostly fluff, and unrelated to her career and book. Whatevs. It is great. i say cross that bridge when you get there. xo

    1. My main concern (which I just figured out) is that it’s not exactly the message I want to be sending out. I’ll explain more next week. =)

  3. I say invest in what you do. You will not regret buying a Mac. I love the name of your blog and wouldn’t touch it. Again, I love seeing your photos, they don’t have to be perfect.

    1. Thanks, Kristen =)

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