Monday Turned into a Snow Day



Today is a snow day, believe it or not!  I know parts in Missouri are getting hit as well… needless to say, I just want spring!  But Ethan got let off work, so that’s the silver lining.  I’m hoping for a day that is all snuggle-y and warm.



  1. Ooh boy, the weather is so crazy this year! This year was the hottest summer *ever* recorded in Australia, and it has been hell! After a week or two of cooler weather it feels like summer has returned this week – hopefully it will remain the 90s and not be over a 100 for weeks on end this time.

    1. Ever?! Oh my goodness, that is unbelievable! I am not a fan of the heat or the cold, I prefer a friendly mild climate best.

  2. Mary Ellen · · Reply

    We are getting snow again!!!! I am sooooooo ready for spring!!!!!

    1. I’m so ready toooo. I have a feeling it will never come and I’ll be stuck inside FOR-EV-VER.

  3. I want spring more than ever right now. This weather here has been teasing me and I don’t like it! I actually caught myself singing a Christmas song today. I blame it on the snow falling down.

    1. I know what you mean; every time I go outside to walk Simon boy, it smells like Christmas because of all the snow. Today is actually sunny, but still too cold to melt anything. Major bummer.

  4. Awwww love to see your little baby in the snow! It totally trips me out. Lola doesn’t do anything under 60 degrees.

    1. He loves it. Except this morning, I think it was too cold for his paws…he just sat down in the middle of it all. Poor furry babies.

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