Monthly Archives: March 2013

Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again

Three nights ago, I was trying to fall asleep and thinking.  As Simon and Ethan snoozed beside me, I somehow came to think about my dear friend.  It wasn’t completely unrealistic to be thinking of him, since today is his birthday.  But being in my “new life” his death seems so faraway.  I was a […]

The Liebster Award

Hello friends.  Some blog activity yesterday introduced me to the Liebster Award, and because I don’t get included on many blog world things, I decided to participate.  Lots of elevens up ahead, so bear with me.  First I’m going to answer the questions provided by Dale who nominated me, then give eleven facts about myself, […]

The Things I Love That Haven’t Really Changed

Sleeping porches, swimming holes, riding with the windows down, wearing a one piece under my clothes, drinking from the water hose, garden grown carrots, farmer’s markets, wild horses, nights by the river, pontoon boats, old big houses to roller skate in, old-time painted portraits, the smell of old books, fresh flowers, railroad tracks, wishing on […]