Monthly Archives: March 2013

Monday Turned into a Snow Day

Today is a snow day, believe it or not!  I know parts in Missouri are getting hit as well… needless to say, I just want spring!  But Ethan got let off work, so that’s the silver lining.  I’m hoping for a day that is all snuggle-y and warm.

My Little Lovely Family Gets Cuter Everyday

I love my boys.  One is small and fluffy, the other is big and strong.  They both make me laugh and smile like crazy.  Ethan has started doing something so silly with Simon: when all three of us are on the couch and Simon’s on top of the cushions, Ethan will whisper to Simon.  Tiny […]

Book Review | Sophie’s World

I don’t usually take book recommendations from anyone.  I’m very picky about what I read, naturally.  But my best friend raved about this book and convinced me to buy it straightaway.  I promptly called the secondhand bookstore in my college town and they had it.  When I purchased my copy, it smelled old and wonderful, […]