Technical Difficulties in the Show Me State

Hello friends, happy Easter Monday and happy April! I am coming to you today from my parents’ iPad, which is making me feel extremely fancy and at the same time, limited.

Friday evening, while I was watching Sleepless in Seattle and dreaming about being home, I accidentally knocked over my water cup. Even though it is one with a permanent lid and straw (one of the cool plastic ones that keeps me from needing bottled water), it somehow spilled all over the blanket I was cozying up with, and come to find out, my laptop that was pushed halfway under the couch. When I went to multitask during a commercial, I noticed the water and flipped. It fizzled out each time I tried to restart it, and I have yet to try it again since then. But Ethan let me take his laptop so I would be able to blog. So, even though my personal computer is in limbo, I thought I was in the clear.

WELL. Now that I found the time to sit down with Ethan’s computer and edit the many photos I’ve already taken, the darn thing won’t connect to my parents’ Internet. Talk about technical difficulties!!

Tomorrow is going to be the first of a weekful of incredibly packed days, and I’m not sure when I will have the chance to sit down and figure this out. Which is super frustrating, as I hate to miss a day of blogging. I hope you understand though. If you don’t see another post in a day or two, know that I am working on it, and taking a ton of photos to make up for my absence. xo



  1. Does this sound like the perfect excuse to go get that MacBook you were longing for?!

    1. Oh yes, it does =)

  2. EEP–I’m so sorry, there’s nothing worse than technical difficulties!

    1. The worst part was, my days were so busy, I couldn’t sit down and just try to figure it out (until today!). It definitely hung over my head like a little storm cloud.

  3. Oh no! Did you try rice? To absorb everything? You might have to do that before you turn it on, though. What a pain…

    1. Didn’t do the rice, I couldn’t actually see where any of the water went…I laid it out on a towel upside down. I took it as the universe telling me to give up on the darn thing.

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