White Furry Baby Cuteness


| guard-doggin’ at Amanda’s |


| little Teddy bear |


| drying Simon off after he rolled around in the grass |


| eating carrots on Easter |


| Clementine likes to sit with my dad instead of exploring my aunt’s house |


| springtime haircuts for the cuties |


| begging so sweetly for treats |

Hi friends!  I’m so sorry for all the silence over here–this afternoon I finally had the chance to sit down and figure out Ethan’s computer.  Thanks to my sister, I’m finally connected!  I’ll have more substance in the coming day and next week, but I hope you enjoy these adorable photos I’ve taken of the pups so far.

It’s so good to be home.



  1. OH my goodness! A house filled with puppy dogs….looks like too much fun!

    1. They are so silly and energetic…nap time doesn’t last long enough some days!

  2. Mary Ellen · · Reply

    Love those pups!!!!!!!!!

  3. Denise · · Reply

    I LOVE those puppies sooooooooooo cute! Each one is my favorite!

    1. So happy Simon got acquainted with Bella…Easter was so fun with all the puppy action =)

  4. Oh, I LOVE these dogs! Wonderful pics.

    1. Yay! I didn’t know if it was a doggie overload post =)

  5. SO cute! Gah.

    1. This could easily turn into a dog blog if I lived at home =)

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