Birthday Cupcakes with Sprinkles on Top


| Clementine digs into her cupcake |


| Teddy is unsure about the whole thing until his mama gives him a kiss |


| Simon gets an honorary cupcake to celebrate with his brother and sister |

The puppies are a whole year old, and we made cupcakes to celebrate!  I remember when they were just little white puff balls and would follow Simon around the house.  Now they all run around like crazy, each holding their own.  Clementine is so petite, but sassy; she had my dad wrapped around her paw!  Teddy is a cuddle bear and little gremlin…he’s the most likely to instigate wrestling time.  And Simon boy is such the big brother.  I love all their personalities, and how much we’ve opened up to love because of them.  They also had a little photoshoot with my sister’s friend–it was a hoot!  Think party hats and treats.  I’ll share the cuteness when we get our prints.  Happy Friday!



  1. Mary Ellen · · Reply

    Watching them eat their birthday cakes was sooooo fun!!!

    1. I know, hehe. So glad we did that!

  2. AWWWWW too cute! Happy Birthday puppies!! Btw, I tagged you today in my 5 things post.

  3. They are so incredibly sweet! Happy birthday to them 🙂

    1. Thanks, Georgina!

  4. omg they are adorable! what kind are they? have a good weekend!

    1. Pure Maltese, although Teddy and Clementine’s spots are misleading! They are real siblings too!

  5. Um, that is just a ridiculous amount of cuteness! How fun! xo

    1. They aren’t spoiled at ALL 😉

  6. So sweet! Did they have special doggy-cupcakes?

    1. Oh yes, it was the same recipe I used for Simon here:

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