Five Things

Today is brought to you by the “Five Things” chain that’s been floating around for a while.  So happy to be tagged in something, by the lovely Kristen.


1.  I still feel unsure about Ethan’s pet pit bull, Dante.  Yep, Ethan has a pit bull.  I don’t know if where you live has the same connotation as southeast Missouri, but people here freak out about pit bulls.  And I’m included in that.  There are just so many stories about babies getting mauled and dog fights including pit bulls that it always made me feel uneasy about it.  Not that Ethan would train his dog to be cruel, but things happen.  When we were dating I didn’t really hang out with Dante too much, but after the wedding I tried to make more of an effort.  Having Simon kind of complicates the whole thing.

We couldn’t bring Dante to Alaska because of certain laws and airplane regulations (and frankly, I’m glad–that’d be too much dog all day long for me).  But when we move back in two and half years, he is all ours.  This weekend I met up with Ethan at a county park and let Simon and Dante meet.  Simon was a little devil and Dante was as mellow as can be.  We strolled around the little pond and sat in the shade, me still nervous for my baby boy and Ethan reassuring me Dante was fine.  By the end of the walk, Simon didn’t seem to mind so much that Dante was there, thank goodness.  My mind is definitely at ease a little more because of it.

2.  I am easing myself back into Catholicism.  I was born and raised Catholic, went to Catholic school through high school, and yet by the end of that extensive education I had my doubts.  Was Jesus real?  Is the Bible just one big awesome tall tale?  Was St. Bernadette just hallucinating when she saw the Virgin Mary?  Why would the shepard leave is whole flock just to rescue one stupid sheep that decided to wander away?  I asked my teachers and loved ones about their beliefs, but never felt it for myself.  After years of vacation bible school, religious retreats and getting confirmed my junior year, I was (or so I thought) done with being a devote Catholic.  I let the prayers that I had memorized turn fuzzy in my mind…but I continued to wonder about it all.

It took five years until I started feeling empty from lack of religion.  Ethan is more scientific than religious, and he didn’t really understand the pull I was experiencing to return to the Church.  I pondered how I would ease myself back into it, if it was just a form of home-sickness, etc, but slowly started reciting prayers at night.  It wasn’t until Easter Sunday that I attended Mass for the first time since I was seventeen, ready and willing to listen.  I felt really inspired by the renewal of the faith as the new liturgical year began, and I experienced some comfort in standing by my family like I did growing up.  I attended Mass again yesterday, and while I had a bit of a problem (see number 3), I still took Communion and sang the songs.  It feels strange yet familiar to be back in my same old Church, but it definitely has given me some renewed structure to my life.  There is a church near our apartment in Alaska, and I am planning to attend once we return the end of this month.

3.  I have the unfortunate habit of fainting.  All my life, I’ve had terrible occurrences (mostly related to attending Mass) where I’ve gotten so dizzy that I pass out.  It’s also happened when I trained at Barnes & Noble and also on the Hawaiian cruise I went on with my sister.  All of these moments are so embarrassing, but I know not to let it get that far if I start feeling the signs.  So when I feel too warm and funny inside, I try to get sugar or fresh air.  I used to carry Pixy Stix with me just in case.  It worked, most of the time.  I didn’t pass out yesterday during Church, but I did exit the building and sit outside for a while.  My mom researched it and she things I have a sort of sugar imbalance.  All I know is, it is not fun.

4.  Picking dandelions is so rewarding.  Am I crazy with this one?  This weekend we spent a lot of time at my sister’s, prepping her yard for spring and summer.  I was on dandelion duty.  I used to hate picking the flowering heads when I was little, but with the proper garden tool I can barely stop myself.  I don’t mind getting my hands dirty, either.

5.  I like to pick things up with my feet.  Did you by chance see the finale of this season’s The Walking Dead?  I won’t give anything away, but if I was in Andrea’s position I would have been made.  I don’t know when I first started using my toes for more than just walking…I think it may have been on the long walks from my bedroom to the laundry room.  If a sock fell from my heaping pile in my arms, I simply would grab it with my toes and keep walking (so I wouldn’t have to inconvenience myself by rearranging, bending down, etc).  I can pick small to medium sized objects no problem.  It usually grosses out whoever is around, but now I know…if I ever find myself in the middle of the zombie apocalypse I could use my feet to my advantage. Bet that was interesting, huh?  I hope you enjoyed these five things about me.  I’d like to learn more about Dennise, Chelsea, Darlene and Stephanie!



  1. Mary Ellen · · Reply

    Who knew you would become a dandelion addict!!!!!

    1. Must be in my blood!

  2. Oh wow, I had no idea your husband has a pit bull. They scare the heck out of me just because I have Lola. No doubt he is probably a sweetie, but it just takes one second, and our puppies are so delicate! I guess it will be bridge you have to cross when you get there. Loved learning more about you!

    1. I agree, their power against our Malteses is unmatched. I was very worried that Simon would be vicious first and pester Dante to snap, and thank God that didn’t happen.

  3. I didn’t know Ethan had a dog… how hard to leave him behind! Good luck with joining your dog families eventually. Maybe a little training session together with a professional would ease the stress? What a fun five things post. I will do my best! xo

    1. He’s definitely not a cuddle on the couch during a movie kind of dog, but I bet he’ll want to be when he sees how Simon is treated! Getting a professional trainer could be a good solution, thanks Chelsea =)

  4. Your re-entry to Catholicism is so interesting–John was raised Catholic and also came out really questioning his faith as college ended. While I know he misses the “smells and bells”, and the community of a shared family faith, I wonder if he’ll one day re-embrace it!

    1. My sister had done the same thing, but rejoined as well (after eight or so years). Who knows what causes the pull back =) It may just run in our family; I know my mom questioned it in her young adult years as well but is now quite devout.

  5. I used to faint a lot when I was younger! It was a blood sugar problem for me, as well. Now that I recognize the warning signs, it doesn’t happen as much- but I did have an incident recently that was very frightening. Pixy Stix in your bag is a good idea!

    1. They provide quite the sugar boost! It took us a while to figure it out, I guess looking at it medically was always an afterthought. Thank you for sharing!

  6. My sister picks things up in her toes too! Nice to know that she’d be safe during a zombie apocalypse… Although pit bulls terrify me, owners have told me that they’re very mellow, easy-tempered dogs. Maybe Dante will become Simon’s big brother and they’ll learn to play together gently?

    1. I’m learning there are lots of people inclined to use their toes this way, so funny! And that is my hope for Dante and Simon; it will definitely be a learning experience.

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