A Slew of Frames





Woohoo!  Believe it, I received a little box of wonderful from Warby Parker.  Now, at first I was full blown against getting glasses from them…something to do with my past and nowadays everybody is wearing them.  I say whatever to those little hang-ups–I found my new glasses within the first five pairs of at-home try-ons.

After trying so many different glasses on at multiple different stores, I realized that I should stick to a shape similar to my blue glasses; I had to face it, they just fit my face best!  When I ordered Thursday night I chose the Bensen, Chandler, Webb, Ainsworth, and my new pair the Marshall!  I decided against the clear options simply because they looked like safety glasses (brownies here I come!).  Granted it’s not as drastic as I had been envisioning, but they are going to go with all my new blue clothing so well… and I think they’ll really be great once my hair grows out too.  I’ll try to get some good pictures once I get my real frames (I tried with my sister’s Instagram and I just look goofy).

Overall, ordering from Warby Parker was a really great experience.  I couldn’t order my frames with my real prescription, but they did supply 10% off for blank lenses.  Such a deal!

Also, completely unrelated to this post, the photographer/friend who took the puppy portraits posted some wonderful shots on her blog.  Check it out here for so.much.cuteness!



  1. Classic and chic frames–what could be better (or last longer)?

    1. They got the approval of my extended family today! So excited =)

  2. As of now, my favorites are the Theo and Marshall. It will be a hard decision! So glad to hear the process went well for you. Hopefully I’ll get 10% off as well because I only need one lens prescribed!

    1. Whoop for the Marshall! I just got my pair today…definitely guilty of wearing them with just the blanks hehe.

  3. why couldn’t you get your real prescription? just curious in case i bite the bullet too 🙂

    1. I have a prism corrective lense. They have a listing of the lenses they provide on their website!

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