Lambert’s Cafe in Sikeston


Welcome to Southeast week!  I’m quite excited to highlight some of my favorite things about Southeast Missouri, and I hope you enjoy it.  First up is Lambert’s Cafe…home of “throwed” rolls, pass-around sides, and loosening your belt after your meal!  On what we thought was going to be a gloomy day, Ethan and my family rode down I-55 for a celebratory  lunch for my dad’s birthday.  There is fairly low light in the restaurant, but I couldn’t eat without documenting some of the tastiest entrees.  You’ll see we are all fans of the fried apples and crazy for fried okra!


| full slab of ribs, fitting for the shirt he wore |


| ground beef steak, smothered |


| roast beef with mashed potatoes |


| hog jowl |


Definitely a place to stop at if you are in the area!  Homey and southern, you won’t leave hungry.



  1. Mary Ellen · · Reply


    1. It’s probably a good thing it’s a ways away! I’d be too tempted to dine there more often!

  2. Oh my gosh….I love Lambert’s so much!! Happy Birthday to Mike!!

    1. What’s your favorite entree?

  3. Yum! Sounds like a fun meal, I am glad you got some time at home in. xo

    1. It is…SO fun.

  4. so jealous of that fried okra right now. and puhhhlease tell you put some sorghum molasses on that roll. xo

    1. I got the apple butter, I didn’t have enough time to decide!!

  5. Makin’ me hungry!!!

    1. Worth a drive =)

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