The Pie Safe & Other Pleasantries


Before I share the fun I had on Saturday, I’d like to extend my deepest sympathies for the victims of yesterday’s Boston explosions.  I cannot express how this tragedy saddens me.  My sister completed her own marathon (in San Francisco) ten years ago, and she had so much joy on that monumental day.  To have such a life goal tainted by this devastation is heartbreaking.  My thoughts and prayers are with you, Boston.

Saturday my parents treated me to an early morning drive for breakfast in a quaint farming town.  My dad had been raving about the simplistic breakfast since they took my sister weeks ago, and I knew that I wanted to check it out for myself.  We took the country roads to Pocahontas and arrived at the Pie Safe around nine-thirty.  A three table dining room, the Pie Safe Bakery and Cafe holes up in the historic brick building that used to be the bank for the town (hence the term safe).  Owner and chef Sharon Penrod renovated it with her husband; there’s a photo album near the tables to prove it!


Too many charming details surrounded us as we sat at a vintage formica table as Sharon prepared our breakfasts only a room away.  We ate as many pancakes as she plopped onto our plates, with yolky fried-over-easy eggs and crispy bacon.  Homemade elderberry syrup from Sharon’s farm was the perfect fruity addition to our meal.  Another set of diners accompanied us nearby, and we even passed over our cream for their coffees.  The atmosphere encouraged friendliness and happiness for sure.

piesafe8piesafe9We got many treats to go including double chocolate chip and neapolitan cookies and blackberry pie.  Sharon asked me if there was any similar bakery/cafe to hers in Alaska, and I told her wholeheartedly no!  Hers is truly delightful.  I know if I lived in Pocahantas I’d walk there for breakfast every week(if not every day)!

piesafe10 piesafe11This is Harry, the sheriff of Pocahontas.  He was on the porch of the Pie Safe when we arrived and as we were leaving, let me take his picture before giving me a kiss.  Apparently he runs around the entire town, corralling vehicles and keeping everyone in line.  So darling.  Afterward we drove up to Old Appleton to visit a salvage shop that did not disappoint.  So many windows, doors, medicine cabinets, moldings, and hardware, I felt like starting my collection for my future farmhouse rehab project.  We left only with a few pictures (for now).  With a quick stroll across a footbridge, my mom and I browsed an art studio with lots of ceramics and animal portraits.  I found a lovely little chip and dip dish that I know will be put to use in future game nights!




  1. Mary Ellen · · Reply

    So much fun!!!!!!

    1. It really was!

  2. I did not know such a place as the “Pie Safe” existed….we drive thru Pocahontas freq to go to the firing range….how is it I have never noticed it?? Is it on Route C?? Looks like an awesome place!!

    1. You should check it out! If you have a larger party than four people, the owner requests you call in ahead of time =)

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