DIY Double Ruffle Bedskirt

diy bedskirt 1This is one part diy, one part puppy sweetness, mostly because any project I try to do involves little white pup(s) sniffing around and “helping” out.

Before I left for home in March, I had the wonderful idea to makeover our bed.  If you saw pictures, I bet you think it looked a little sad and boring.  Believe me, that’s the result of not really knowing what you like.  Now that I do know though, I wanted to give it some oomph.  The first thing that really struck me was how awkward the beige fabric I picked out is.  And I didn’t particularly like seeing the legs against our wood floors– it just didn’t read cozy/comfy.  A bedskirt seemed like the perfect solution until I realized the ones I liked were all too short…the bed frame juts out in an odd way.  Of course I was crazy about this one, but couldn’t justify the price point.  That’s when this brilliant diy popped into my head, using this one from Rachel’s other line, Simply Shabby Chic from Target.  Buying two brings this diy savings of $95, which ain’t too shabby in and of itself.

For starters, my mom and I pondered and contemplated…BIG time.  Of course we were trying to save money, but we didn’t want to mess up and spend more in the long run.  So we devised the simple plan of creating a border around one of the bedskirts, cutting out the middle, and sewing it to the other for a total drop of 20 inches.

diy bedskirt 2diy bedskirt 3

Lucky for us, one of the packaging pieces was the perfect size to guide us in the process, around five inches.  From the seam of the ruffle and the flat sheet, I marked a light line all the way around.  Then I cut it out!  We felt a tad wasteful cutting into a brand new product, but we made up for it by saving the remnant  for a future project.

diy bedskirt 4diy bedskirt 5diy bedskirt 6

After the cutting, we laid out the two pieces (the ruffle border and the intact bedskirt) and pinned the border following the other’s seam.  We couldn’t find our straight pins, which complicated things, so check your supplies beforehand!  Simon was the first helper, checking its sleepability, then Clementine, and finally Ted had to see what all the excitement was about.  Silliness.  Anyway, after the pinning we sewed from the top of the bedskirt so we could stay close to the seam of the intact bedskirt.  Check and double-check the ruffle throughout the process!  Ours kept slipping in under the needle, which meant lots of ripping threads and pulling out our hairs.

We left the corners free, so stop about six inches before changing directions.  Since we were sewing so far away from the bed the skirt was meant for, we had to leave extra room to compensate for future unknown issues (like the edge of my bed sticking out farther than I remembered).  For the foot of the bed we stitched in the middle, but again, left the corners loose.  This diy was really a learning process, and I’m sure we fudged things to get it to work out.  But work out it did!

diy bedskirt 7

This is the product after finishing it at home.  The overlap is slight, but gives enough length to hit the floor.  I will post pictures of the entire bedscape soon (a.k.a tomorrow if the sun is out) so you can see the other changes our bed has undergone.  Think girly, floral loveliness…and I guess Ethan doesn’t mind as he hasn’t said a word.  He gave me free reign after all.  See you tomorrow!


  1. Mary Ellen · · Reply

    I loved doing our diy projects together!!!!!

    1. Meee too! You are a crafting queen as of late!

  2. I am trying to figure out some diy projects at home. Yours came out fabulous. I need an art solution because this corporate provided art is just blackening my soul. xo

    1. Oooh, I know about art problems. I am trying to figure that out for myself too! Thinking about blowing up an old photo a la sfgirlbybay and hanging it in our dining room. But in the bedroom I’m lost!

  3. Oh wow this turned out so good! Love me a little Simply Shabby Chic.

  4. How clever!

    1. I think so too 😉

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