Sleeping With the Flowers

floral bed 1Here she is in all her glory!  This may be shocking, and to tell you the truth it shocks me every time i walk into our bedroom, but it’s a good shock for sure.  I had a few different requirements to address when I started the makeover, including:

Complement existing Ralph Lauren sheets

Incorporate white to tie in the bedskirt and headboard slipcover

King-size so Ethan doesn’t steal all the covers from me

No to all duvets, because they are fussy and lumpy

As you can see I went the route of Simply Shabby Chic again and chose to pull the pink from the sheets’ bouquet as inspiration.  I’m not usually one to mix and layer different patterns and prints, but hello!  All florals were easy.  And initially I thought I wouldn’t have any of the larger floral showing from the reverse side of the comforter, but it’s growing on me.  Probably because it anchors the two smaller florals, while including a faint blue that also hints back at the RL sheets.

floral bed 3floral bed 5

See what I mean about that rockin’ double ruffle?  It really transforms the room.  I finally took out the Eames chairs in preparation for my new nightstands (remember?).  Soon I’ll be addressing some makeshift lighting solutions and figuring out what else to do with the space.  More pillows?  A fuzzy rug for our tootsies?  Who knows.  But I’m loving all the ways I can go with this now.


  1. Mary Ellen · · Reply

    The transformation is AMAZING!!!!!!

    1. Cannot wait for the tables and sconces!!

  2. I love your new bed look!! And loved the post prior with all that hard work and cute pups. The bed looks so provocative, like you want to jump right in…or not leave it…ever! I also love your new blog look! xx

    1. Thanks so much! It is definitely hard to leave it in the mornings and oh so nice to crawl into at night. I’m so in love with this bedding, I want to use it forever! And thank you SO much about the redesign =)

  3. Love the way everything came together! Looks like heaven.

    1. Thank you Kristen!! It’s definitely my bit of happiness =)

  4. Love it!! Great job!!

    1. Thanks Jayne =)

  5. Wow–it’s so welcoming! I’m dreaming about swapping out our white lamps for two brass beauties in our bedroom!

    1. I love me some brass…our nightstands/lighting will definitely be adding some metallic goodness!

  6. Your bed looks so cozy and beautiful – it’s fairy-tale lovely. Goldilocks would love to sleep here.

    1. What a wonderful thing to say!! Fairytale lovely is a marvelous description!!!

  7. […] P.S. the floral shock from my bed has subsided, and I literally am even more in love with it now!  If you missed last week’s reveal of our bedroom makeover, check it out here. […]

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