Carry Your Good Feelings With You

simon 1simon 2

My favorite moment from the weekend was sleeping in with my boys Sunday.  Light was streaming into our bedroom from an early hour, but that couldn’t convince even Simon to wake up before nine.  Snuggles and cuddles were abundant until I finally felt the urge to continue revisions on my manuscript.  I finished it, did you know?  This week starts the real work, however, as I begin my search for a literary agent.  But let’s not get too heavy, it’s Monday after all!  Enjoy these sleepy Simon photos and try not to become too stressed today.  Carry all your good feelings from the weekend with you wherever you go.


  1. AHHHH such a cute little face.

  2. Mary Ellen · · Reply

    Love him soooooo much!!!!!!!

    1. So do I, he’s so wonderful!

  3. Um, those little paws are just ridiculously cute AND you finished!! Congrats!! xoxo

    1. I know…and thank you!!!

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