Monthly Archives: April 2013

DIY Double Ruffle Bedskirt

This is one part diy, one part puppy sweetness, mostly because any project I try to do involves little white pup(s) sniffing around and “helping” out. Before I left for home in March, I had the wonderful idea to makeover our bed.  If you saw pictures, I bet you think it looked a little sad […]

The Sweetest Thing

Ethan played a game with me around the time of our first anniversary.  He knows I hate when I know a surprise is coming, but he can’t keep a secret when he’s bought something for me/us.  So he likes to have me ask questions about what it might be, seeing if I can guess or […]

I’m a Bit of a Hoarder, I Thought You Should Know

Being artistically inclined, or wishing myself to be, has always seemed to support my natural hoarding instincts.  Little pieces of paper, the printed packaging of a store I love, the bits of scrap from past projects…somehow I have to sit and convince myself it will not be the end of the world if I decide […]