Monthly Archives: May 2013

Simon for Your Friday

Honestly I’m so lost on new content right now…it pains me.  But, instead of whining about it, here are some cutie Simon pics for your Friday.  I remembered how much I loved these pics of him from months ago, and tried to recreate it here.  He is a little white ball of wonderful, isn’t he? […]

Tackling the Issue of Kitchen Storage

It’s no surprise that apartments can have inadequate storage.  And our rental is a glaring example of that in every room, but most noticeably the kitchen.  We have more lower cabinets than upper, but believe me when I say, it is not enough storage for our cups, plates, cans of food, medicine, cleaning supplies, spices […]

Slowly Easing into the Week

Sooo…I don’t have much for you today.  Sigh…what I had been banking on as an awesome blog post ended up not happening (sometime in the future though, crossing my fingers), and our Memorial Day was spent with the windows open.  I actually looked at Wildfox for lots of inspiration and I’m feeling pretty great about […]