Making it Feel (and Look) Like Home

souvenirHello lovelies.  Yesterday was a big day…so packed with events that by the time I had things squared away (see below), I was too tired to make the crappy evening light in our apartment work for photos.

After dropping Ethan off on base, I headed to the post office–three packages were waiting for me!!  One was the motherload, the box my mom and I sent while I was still in Missouri.  It was so fun unpacking it and beautifying our apartment (especially to some girl music (Alanis, Sheryl, Paula…).  Art, furniture, window treatments–it was a killer box.  Simon had a field day with all the bubble wrap and newspaper, and the evening turned from wonderful to even moreso with the curtains up, sconces in place and our new nightstands perfectly positioned underneath.  This weekend I hope to get some fun things (like trays and dishes and picture frames) for our new surface area; I want things styled before I show everything off to you!  So until then, take my recommendation and buy this magazine, Souvenir.  I know I’ve talked about it before, but it is pure heaven.  I am keeping my eyes peeled for inspirations on nightstand styling!  And maybe some craft ideas.  And springtime goodness.  I feel like I am really missing out on spring…it’s still snowy and dreary and nothing’s in bloom here.  Don’t take those blossoming trees and  flowerbeds for granted, people!  But keep tweeting them…I enjoy them so!

Have a fabulous weekend!  And by the way, happy May!!

P.S. the floral shock from my bed has subsided, and I literally am even more in love with it now!  If you missed last week’s reveal of our bedroom makeover, check it out here.



  1. Mary Ellen · · Reply

    I can’t wait to see more pics!!!!!!

    1. I can’t wait for you to see it in real life!!!!!

  2. I want to see everything that came in the mail! Packages are the best.

    1. I will take very thorough photos!!!

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