The Details of Our Home

details1| new art I am seriously in love with, artwork by Aaron Horrell in perfect vintage frame |

details8| a memento from my trip to Ireland |

details4| new additions to the shrine |

details3| tole sconces I’ve had for forever and new Florentine nesting tables as nightstands |

details2| magazines and books always within reach; cream and gold loveliness |

details5| lace panels for our plain jane window, really transform the bedroom |

Happy Monday, loves!  Did you have a beautiful weekend, or was it graced by more snow like ours?  Luckily it turned from flakes to rain, so by Sunday’s sun, new accumulation had melted/washed away.  Everywhere is still incredibly soggy and not so fun.  Good thing I had so many new and exciting things to work on in the apartment!

As you can see everything was little, but made all the difference, don’t you think?  For those nightstands, I have the perfect formula figured out for each table– all I have to do is find the exact items.  I did dedicate major time to researching nightstand design, but I am straying from the tips I found to better suit our needs.  For instance, no lamps are required– it’s been staying bright until about ten!  Which means, I can read in bed without a light on until then.  Also, Ethan is a minimal guy, so I’m not going to plop a ton of unnecessary stuff onto his table just for the sake of it.  He will be getting an interesting box to catch all his small items and a vintage fan.  You can already see how my side is heavily influenced by my reading, but I’m going to also include two special photos as well as a lucite tray and a carafe (I hope!).

A few other things are new in the living room, but the leftover cardboard box is cramping the overall style.  I’m going to work on organizing the packaging and get things squared away for more documentation.  Hope you enjoyed these little details!



  1. Mary Ellen · · Reply

    I’m glad I got to “see” everything in its place!!!!!!!

    1. You got the insider look for sure!

  2. your bedroom is so pretty! love the nightstand!

    1. Thanks, Cassie!!! I feel like it is really coming together =)

  3. Everything is coming together so beautifully! So pretty.

    1. Yay! Glad you think so too =)

  4. Amanda Wozniak · · Reply

    can’t wait to see this in person! what a transformation!

    1. YAY! I cannot wait eeeeeither!!!!

  5. Love those nightstands–I’m itching to redecorate ours with fresh brass lamps and his & hers trays!

    1. They were definitely too good to pass up…definitely worth mailing up here!

  6. Casey · · Reply

    what lovely additions….the sconces are the best!

    1. Thanks, C! I don’t even remember when I got them they are so old.

  7. […] excited for this haul of vintage picture frames I splurged on from Etsy.  If you remember, I am quite fond of antique, heavy, detailed frames, and after eying these for a few weeks I went […]

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