Sunshine Never Gets Old

sunshine1Simon and I had our first official walkie-walk yesterday and although it was short and the wind was cruel to my exposed ears, it felt really good to stretch our legs and walk some hills.  The remaining snow mounds are slow to melt, so we had to dodge puddles and streams the length of the path.  Once we got back inside, Simon crashed on the wood floors…needless to say, the both of us will have to ease into our old routine again!  We were quite happy we got to see our shadows though, and soak up twenty minutes of sunshine.



  1. YAY sunshine!! It makes everything better!! 😉

    1. It really does!

  2. Mary Ellen · · Reply

    You know how I feel about the sunshine!!!!!!! I am so much more productive and feel sooooo much better on sunny days!!!!

    1. Now I’m just wishing I knew someone with a deck or patio I could steal for the summer!

  3. My dogs were exhausted when we started walking again here. Happy, but tired! xo

    1. Hehe, I must say Simon is totally cute on his walks, but just plain funny when he’s snoozing afterwards!

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