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Happy Thursday, this week sure has flown by!!  I admit I’ve spent the majority of it reading, but can you really blame me?  It was all in the name of research.  Let me explain.

Last week when I was really working hard on figuring out agencies, query letters, and the like, I came across two guidelines that befuddled me:

Compare your book to other titles that are similar


Tell us which well-known writer’s work yours resembles

I never thought a literary agency would want to know something like this…maybe I’m naive, but I naturally thought that you would want to look as unique as possible as a new writer.  So, while I knew I had some of the same feel as Sarah Addison Allen (I can’t help but love her) and my favorite teen author Elizabeth Chandler (which won’t help me pitch my adult fiction), I was at a loss for another author I could be compared to.  With nothing but an inkling, I devoured some books by a certain lady, and while I can say I am definitely more optimistic a writer than she, I could be thought of as similar to Alice Hoffman.  Not pure fantasy, but enough magic to make a realistic story extraordinary.  Or so I hope!  I am being extremely cautious with organizing my information before sending any of my queries out, but soooon.

With my first manuscript simmering and almost reading to eat up, I have of course been bubbling with new ideas for my next book.  Am I crazy?  Probably.  But I may as well get it down on paper while I’m feeling inspired.  Even if I don’t get picked up by a literary agent or published, I know my family will still read my work (my dad jumped on the bandwagon, and for someone who rarely reads, he is enjoying it immensely!).  I’m still crossing my fingers about it all, and writing about it here helps it from bottling it up inside me.

Other than that, you may have seen a tweet or two about my new frames.  I did in fact receive them with my prescription in a box this weekend, buuut… they aren’t exactly perfection (or else I would have posted about them and used a lot of exclamation marks!).  I realized it Tuesday when I was surveying my hair in the bathroom (which is not so hot growing out).  My hair is like, a strange mousy brown… sometimes it looks like it has red in it, but more often than not it has a brassy tone.  When I was adjusting to my new look it occurred to me, my Marshall frames were decidedly redder and orangey-ier than the at-home-try-on pair that I fell in love with.  I could have puked!  Although my hair is not the greatest style right now, it is my natural color…and it is totally clashing with my new frames.  I went through the logic that I could always just tint my hair, but that didn’t satisfy me…I’m trying to not change my natural beauty, remember?  I could have technically lived with it, but I’d be regretful every time I looked in the mirror…so not good for a (fragile) girl with glasses.  So after mildly freaking out on the phone with my mom, she suggested I contact WP itself.  And I did with an email.  And then I stalked my inbox the entire day, wishing for a reply.  I ended up corresponding with a lovely gal yesterday, and we have figured it all out.  Just like I thought, my frames where a fry cry from the sugared maple from the website.  And I’m getting another pair to exchange mine with.  Hopefully transferring my lenses will not be a biggie, and everything will be better this time next week.

Lastly, the other day when I posted about styling our nightstands, I felt frantic, “I need to get these styled STAT!  They need to be perfect, and done now!”  That’s just not going to happen.  I need a printer for my queries, and carafes and picture frames will just have to wait.  And I want to get some new makeup…it’s all adding up!!  So, just know, it may take a few months, but I’ll get to them!

That’s all for today I think…I’m off to go write and dream about our dinner & Gatsby date tomorrow!!



  1. Mary Ellen · · Reply

    Everything will come together!!!!!!

    1. Thanks Mama!

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