Friday, Friday

friday2Wow-wee!!!  What a Friday!  Let me tell you about it (and it’s not even noon!).  I was cleaning our windows, so I could have them officially open on this BEAUTIFUL day (it’s 50, a high of 59 !!!!!!!).  First I saw this adorable face looking back at me while I was scrubbing away in the living room.  We got new neighbors below us and this cat cracks me up.

So then Simon and I were both in the bedroom when we both heard a weird noise.  We went around to investigate, Simon thought it came from the bathroom, and when we didn’t see anything out of place, I went and finished cleaning.  Then for some unknown reason, I looked out the front window, and lo and behold, the UPS truck was below!  I checked our front door and BAM.  A “we missed you” slip was sticking to the door.  I raced out (without shoes or socks (thank goodness they finished cleaning the parking lot last night)), flaying my package slip at the man in the truck.  He was there to deliver…da da daaahhhh…my replacement Warby Parker frames!!!!!

friday1Can you even believe this difference?  And can you see my dilemma?  That chesnut-y version was adorable but  THE NEW PAIR IS FAAAAAB.  I’m going crazy I’m so excited.  Anyway, I’m off to vacuum.  Have a wonderful weekend!



  1. Horray for catching him just in time–love the new frames!

    1. Me and my history with UPS men, its a strange and funny thing. And thanks =)

  2. The UPS man doesn’t realize how much he is loved today!!!!!!!

    1. I just can’t believe he didn’t knock…such a bum!

  3. Love the cat peeking up at you. How adorable. And yay for new glasses.

    1. That kitty was a funny surprise. Didn’t expect to see anyone when I popped my head out our window =)

  4. Cute little kitty. Far as your glasses… well worth it in the end. Very nice!

    1. I agree! I’m glad I reached out and got the issue resolved!

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