The Shopping List

shoppingIt’s taken almost a full year for me to figure out what is most needed for our apartment life as a married couple.   While little things like this new picture frame I scooped up from Etsy brighten my day, not-as-fun things like organization for Ethan’s everyday gear and storage for used towels are still a must!  While making the list of still-needs, I evaluated my closet and threw a few clothing necessities on it as well.  What have you been living without the past few months that would make things much easier/convenient for you?


white wicker hamper (I adore this one)

indoor lemon tree

cabinet for Ethan (similar to this one in style, not price point)

dog pouf (I never did make one, wah! Any suggestions?)

3-in-1 printer

record player + tons of favorites on vinyl

side table for dining room

window screen


denim shorts (can’t wait to try these on)

good-for-everyday shoes (I hate that I’m wearing out my second pair of gold Sperry’s already!)

layerable sweaters

white bra (still haven’t found one I love!)

new slippers



  1. Mary Ellen · · Reply

    The hamper is lovely!!! Hope you can find an awesome cabinet this week!!!!!

    1. I hope so too! If I ever get the day rolling, I’m visiting the consignment shop today!

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