Tessie Beauty Consultation & One Year Anniversary

tessie1Wednesday I met up with Tess of Tessie Style to see if she could give me some pointers on all things makeup.  Since I didn’t get my makeup done for the wedding and my hair is in its awkward/growing out stage, beauty is something fun I want to feel good confident about.  First Tess went through my cosmetics bag telling me what she loved and thought we could do better on.  We agreed that BB creams aren’t all that and powder is tricky for such a dry climate.  Then she went to work on my face!  (Check out that amazing peony!  So jealous of her sweet connection to Bloomsbury Blooms!)


So much makeup to play with!  Tess started me off with some moisturizing primer and then went straight for my eyes.  She defined my crease with a stiff bristle brush, added a blue liner to fill in my lash line and showed me how to optimize the mascara I already own.  Believe me when I say, I never go this bold on my lids!  Please forgive the new brow growth and extreme close-up of my naked forehead.


After deliberating on the color of the undertones of my skin (I’m tricky, I guess!), Tess talked me through cream foundation and how I could definitely go the tinted moisturizer route to let the freckles on my nose show through.  She also taught me the foolproof ways to apply bronzer and blush (an E shape on each side of your face; the apples of your cheek and back toward your hairline).  Tess polished me off with some powder and a berry lip, and voila!  The look was complete.

tessie5A side-by-side of my normal “face” and Tess’ “face.”  I’m really excited to find a great new base for my face (especially since the colors I own are too dark for my paleness!) and experimenting with a lip pop which is so out of my comfort zone but totally necessary now that I have brown frames.  Speaking of which, do you like my new glasses?  I know I do!

Thank you so much Tess for the fun afternoon!  I had such a difficult time washing your masterpiece off my face!  And something I just realized, today is the one year mark of blogging under Caviar Dreams!  Crazy a year ago I wasn’t even living in Alaska, didn’t know how married life really was, and certainly hadn’t blossomed into my true self.  Amazing the kind of positive change that can happen in 365 days!

Happy Friday everybody!



  1. Mary Ellen · · Reply

    Yay!!!!!! Happy 1 year anniversary!!!!!! You are beautiful!!!!!!!!!

    1. Thanks Mama =)

  2. So pretty! Love it, and love your glasses! Happy one year!

    1. Thanks Kristen! I’m loving them!

  3. Oh my gosh, I LOVE your glasses! Your makeup looks great, but you are beautiful without it too!!

    1. Thaaaanks Jayne! You make me feel so good about myself hehe

  4. Happy anniversary, gorgeous girl!

  5. Casey · · Reply

    beautiful with that make up and without! looking great d!

    1. You rock =) thank you!

  6. sonya · · Reply

    Love it! And glasses look great too!

  7. You are precious. Those new frames suit you so well. I LOVE them. Stick with the grow out, it will be an adorable length before you know it. I love having my makeup done… isn’t it relaxing? So, yes to it all. Love the frames. Where are they from? xo

    1. Oh my gosh, my haaaaair, I’m almost there…almost to a bob and then I’ll be home free. My frames are the Marshall by Warby Parker…I never thought I’d get a pair from them, but what do you know 😉 I think they’ll look even better with shoulder length hair hehe.

  8. […] Tess told me she’d be selling cupcakes with her friend Lara at Anchorage’s Friday Night Bites, a special summer first Friday event.  Since the weather is absolutely gorgeous right now, I convinced Ethan and his our buddies to take a ride down for eats, live music, and treats.  While it was pretty small and low-key, we did hit up the Babycakes booth, and kind of went all out.  I chose the vegan strawberry beet cupcake, Ethan the key lime pie (not pictured unfortunately) and the guys got an assortment of red velvet, “some like it hot,” vsb, and chocolate chocolate chip!  Oh my goodness, PHENOMENAL.  I wanted to savor each bite of mine, but it was gone all too quickly.  New favorite flavor maybe?   Afterward we dined at Humpy’s, which was right around the corner.  So much fun. […]

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