A Weekend in May

a weekend in may1 a weekend in may2Oh my.  So we got hammered (in my opinion) with snow this weekend.  It was rather unfortunate.  I was looking forward to considerably warmer temperatures and constant sunshine, but we got freezing rain which turned into snow.  Which also meant our apartment was so chilly I had to turn the heat back on.  In May!!!  Blah!  The upside was my surprise gift from Ethan, the lemon tree I’ve been desiring!  It adds so much life to our bedroom and I can’t wait to find a pretty pot for it.

Anything surprise you this weekend?



  1. Mary Ellen · · Reply

    Hopefully the sunshine and warmer temps are coming your way!!!!

    1. Walkie walk tomorrow and it’s gonna be great!

  2. Amanda Wozniak · · Reply

    I just heard on the radio that Anchorage set the record for the longest snow season this year! 232-ish days!

    1. Told you, longest winter EV-VER!

  3. The photo is spectacular!! I know…snow in May….but its so pretty up there! I’m dying for a lemon tree. Let me know if they are finicky….I’m not very good with plants. But our Magnolia tree surprised us with quite a few blooms this weekend!

    1. Oh I so long Magnolias…I’m hoping a little positivity goes a long way 😉 and lucky for me, the new snow is fully melted. What a relief!

  4. Lemon trees look great in pots – please keep us updated as I’ve never grown a potted citrus. A very thoughtful gift!
    Snow must have been such an unwelcome surprise. What is wrong with the seasons this year? is this all part of climate change? I’m finding it rather alarming.

    1. The seasons truly are driving me crazy, but I hope the fragrance of lemon blossoms will keep our place happy! I will definitely post updates =)

  5. Casey · · Reply

    the sneaky snows are the worst.
    jealous of that lemon tree. be sure to post progress…i told joe to start me one…or an avocado tree.
    i had a glorious, self-led (and self fabricated) midnight architectural tour of my neighborhood. you would have enjoyed immensely…don’t worry i had followers 🙂

    1. My mom starts avocado trees all the time! She’s gotten rather good at it. The tour sounds wonderful, I’d do anything for a night of frolicking in a pack of beautiful people.

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