The Weekend Came Early

weekend1weekend2One of the few (in my opinion) perks of military life are the extended holiday weekends…that’s right…when everyone else is whooping about a three-day weekend, we get four.  So after a day that started much later than I anticipated and an afternoon of writing, Ethan picked me up and treated me like a queen with dinner at Paris Cafe.  We’d only even been for breakfast and lunch, and let me tell you, dinner was faaaan-cy.  I splurged with a creamy pasta and breaded veal and NY cheesecake, I promise I ate daintily for breakfast and lunch!  Ethan got the Steak Oscar, which was just a funny name for filet mignon and crab fondue…and he let me try a bite of his lemon chocolate cake (glorious!!).  We came home with a blu-ray copy of The Avengers and then we called it a night!  This weekend I’m crossing my fingers for some Memorial Day sales, as well as looking quite forward to Monday–which I will share with you, of course, on Tuesday.

Happy weekending lovelies!  Do you have any exciting plans?



  1. Mary Ellen · · Reply

    Yummy!!!!!!!!!!!! The Paris Cafe sounds so romantical!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. I can’t wait to take you & A for Bennies!

  2. Sonya (ethans momma) · · Reply

    Deserts look good! Can’t wait to visit, I will email my itinerary soon. 🙂

    1. What dates are you thinking? So you aren’t scheduled the same time as my sister and mom.

  3. Sounds like the start of a fabulous weekend!

    1. Oh yes, I think so too =)

  4. Absolutely lovely! I have no set plans on Monday but a french dessert sounds perfect!

    1. It was such a treat =)

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