Introspective, I

They welcomed the sound of rain, as it crashed into the pavement just beyond their open windows.  It fell in fat drops from the gray clouds that seemed to envelope the entire sky…

The weekend had been a wash-out, with very few braving the chill to go about their normal routines, except for, of course, the truck drivers who had to turn their scruffy cheeks to the emotions the rain drew out of them.  The rest found comfort in their surroundings, looking inward at their lives like a hermit crab inspects the striations of the shell in which he recedes.  Although the rain never ceased, they dared to leave their windows open, catching cool breezes that smelt like a secret spring.  Husband and wife spoke little, enjoying the constant lull of the neighboring highways…tires on the asphalt…the slippery sounds of wet rubber and street spray.  Their dog dozed lazily on the sagging sofa, his breathing creating the pace of the languid day.  They found themselves eating very little, their crisp apartment making full the voids they otherwise might have filled with food.  They were content.

As the gray sky shifted, becoming a charcoal smudge in the late hours of the day, the couple layered on sweaters and robes and slippers…they wanted so desperately to feel the cool air on their faces and silently agreed they could deal with cold fingers for a few more hours.  When the night became too dark to see and the mysterious hours of morning lay ahead of them, they turned down their bed and brushed and flossed their teeth…two stark figures in the incandescent light.  Under the covers, they reveled in the comforts of home, the happiness a stolen weekend beneath blankets could bring.  And as their bodies curled, facing one another, their knees touched as if to say, “You are enough.”


As you now may have guessed, I am going to take the plunge into a bit more creative writing on the blog.  The stories I tell here will be reflections on my own life and will be completely unrelated to the characters in my working manuscript.

I hope you enjoy what I share.



  1. I’m looking forward to reading more of what you share – I love your writing style, it’s beautiful.

    1. Thank you so much, Anni!

  2. Love this! So beautiful. Looking forward to what you have up your sleeve.

    1. Thank you Kristen, truly =)

  3. Ooh! I am so excited. Lovely start. xo

    1. Thanks Chels!

  4. Mary Ellen · · Reply

    Love it!!!!!!! Excited to see what you have in store for us!!!!!

    1. Thanks for reading it early 😉

  5. Casey · · Reply

    aww, love this. you are enough 🙂

    1. Thank you C!

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