The Day to Day of an Aspiring Writer


I love best-selling writer Melanie Gideon’s advice for aspiring writers as found on The Everygirl

“Read voraciously.  Write your heart out.  Be patient.”

I don’t know if I shared this with you all, but I am currently overhauling my manuscript in a big way.  Yes, I have sent out queries and gotten rejections already and at the time I thought I was ready to put my work–and myself– out there.  I realized one sleepless night, as I stared at the dark sliver from my partially closed closet door (the place my eyes usually rest when I can’t sleep), that I could do more.  More of what, I wasn’t entirely sure.  But I knew I was not done with my manuscript…not even close.

So I took the above quote to heart.  And reread my favorite books and discovered an author that I felt my work resembled– Sarah Addison Allen and Alice Hoffman.  It was reading SAA that I started to build up the confidence I was lacking…I feel like my writing is comparable to hers…that’s a good sign, isn’t it?  When reading Alice Hoffman’s work (specifically Turtle Moon, Practical Magic, Local Girls and The Third Angel), I began to comprehend the amount of description she used…it felt like I was getting so much information with every sentence–and I loved that!!!  It was a “more is more” approach to writing and it sucked me in.  And oddly enough, I felt that is what was missing from my own manuscript.

I’m currently rewriting entire sections, unabashedly reworking paragraphs, adding new content, fleshing out my characters.  And I feel like it is really coming together.  Don’t get me wrong, it is tedious rereading my manuscript for the zillionth time, so I am taking it day by day.  I have no idea what my word count will be like after I’m finished (I was at a happy 63,000 words before the latest round of revisions), but hey…I’ve grown to accept my wordiness.  More for literary agencies to love (I hope, crossing my fingers)!

So that’s just an update on how I’ve been spending my days…reading, writing, writing, reading, and praying for patience.



  1. Mary Ellen · · Reply

    I am so proud of you and want more, I want more!!!!!!

    1. Thank you =)

  2. Wow…sounds like a lot of work….but it will be worth it!! I am excited for you!!

    1. Thanks Jayne!!

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