Besties #TBT


Let’s go back. Way back.

Back to running up the phone bill at your parents’ house…stretching the cord as far as it could, just to get a little privacy while you gab.  Back to birthdays and Halloween parties and play days.  To riding on roller coasters and slumber parties and praying to the dead.  Laying at the local pool and hot-tubbing while it snowed.

Monday I had a wonderful phone date with my bestie, Miss Chrissy.  It’s amazing we’ve been friends since the young years…and although we ebbed and flowed there in the middle, we are still strong.  High school pretty much cemented us.  More recently we’ve shared live music, nights by the river, and dancing downtown.  We caught up on life, love, and goals, and it was nice to be reminded why she’s stuck around for so long!  I have a feeling once I’m back at our southeast Missouri home base, I will see her much much more…she’s already planning camping trips, which I for one, cannot wait for.  For now I’m enjoying this Polaroid from 2007, the night before I left for college…it pretty much sums us up.



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