As of Late

lately2Oh the lemon tree.  It started looked awful a week or two after Ethan brought it home, i.e. substantial wilting and leaf drop.  I freaked and watered it, which apparently only made it worse.  I’ve called the greenhouse multiple times, so now we are just giving it plenty of sun and crossing our fingers.

lately1Speaking of fingers, here are my natural nails.  Not too bad for a nail-biter, right?  I’ve been filing, smoothing, and only brushing on strengthening clear polish.  I am increasingly more paranoid about them, seeing as they bend and get caught on everything.  They’ve pretty much reached their max length so, so much for witch nails like I’ve always lusted!  Goll-lee though, I do love them.

lately3lately5We are still living with folding chairs.  But my mom made me pretty slip covers so they aren’t as big of eyesores.  I was considering spray painting them, but haven’t decided anything yet.  She also whipped out a slipcover for a large floor pillow for Simon.  I know, I never made a pouf.  Mostly because we ran out of time when I was home, and the one I love and wish I could buy is too much.  This was a simple solution.  Both fabrics are from the Rachel Ashwell Shabby Chic Wildflowers collection.

lately6Also, I wanted some special extras to keep me happy this week…sunflowers and fresh reading material really do the trick!  xx



  1. Mary Ellen · · Reply

    So pretty!!! Hope the lemon tree recovers!!!!!

  2. Oh my…..the lemon tree looks like it may need a burial plot!! Your nails look fab!! Always LOVE seeing pics of Simon….precious little guy!! Covers for folding chairs….M.E., you should start a business….peeps pay tons of money to get ugly chairs covered for their weddings (just saying). Sunflowers = gorgeous!! Thanks Dana!!

  3. LOVE what you did with your folding chairs! I was thinking about doing some sort of diy with them as well this summer. Simons bed look perfect, very similar to what I usually do for lola. Much cuter than most dog beds.

    1. The covers are such an improvement, my mom is kind of a sewing master now =)

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