My Year in Alaska


Friends, it has been a year since I kissed my native Missouri goodbye and boarded my plane (first class!) to my new life: real married life and Alaska life!  Since living here in the Last Frontier State I’ve learned quite a few things, and I still can’t believe how the time has gone by.  For fun, here is my first real post after my flight last year.

1.  Alaska likes Nickelback…a lot.  At least the radio station I mostly listen to. It seems anytime I turn my transistor on in the bathroom (either to sing along in the shower or dance while putting on makeup) Nickelback is playing!  Honestly, I don’t mind (I had a ton of friends in college give me flack for attending two of their concerts), but regardless of my opinion, it still cracks me up.

2.  My hair doesn’t curl like it used to.  It’s nuts how much climate affects beauty…my crazy/frizzy/curly hair of Missouri is nothing more than a dream here.  Humidity does have its perks; believe it or not, I miss having wild hair.  But I have been making good use of my hairdryer…something I couldn’t do as a one-step-process back home.  The climate also has affected my skin; if you remember I developed eczema a few months after my move.  Never taking any climate for granted again!

3. It really does stay light out in the middle of the night.  Which has been keeping me on a strange schedule of going to bed past midnight lately.  The temperatures are all sorts of crazy too…76 degrees here feels like 90s at home.  All about perception.  But I do adore sleeping with the windows open.  I actually haven’t closed up our apartment in a few weeks.  So nice.

4. I’ve seen moose on three different occasions…I don’t know how that compares to living here though.  The first time I was walking Simon by our apartment, in the early morning without my glasses on (smart!).  A baby was standing a few yards away from us then ran across the road into the woods.  We were freaked!  The next was running alongside the road one day we were coming back from Anchorage, and then of course Christmas.  I’ve also seen a bald eagle in the wild, but no bears, which are just as common.

5.  The mosquitos are BIG.  I honestly didn’t notice them last summer, but I’ve already been bitten so much, it’s hideous.  One actually came into the apartment this weekend and kept biting my neck.  Not pretty…or fun.  I must just be too sweet for my own good hehe.

Although the most adventurous I got was when Amanda came to visit, I’m looking forward to planning more trips/outings and seeing more of the state.  Two years and two months left!  If you were wanting to visit us sometime, start your planning now!



  1. Mary Ellen · · Reply

    I cannot believe a whole year has flown by!!!!!!!!!! Can’t wait to visit!!!!!!!

    1. I can’t wait for that either! Highlight of the summer for sure!

  2. what a great post…i sure enjoyed this reflection 🙂

    1. Funny you should comment today, I just saw another moose on our way back from a park!! It.was.big.

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