What’s Your Taste in Fiction?


I spent the past week working on Once is Not Enough by Jacqueline Susann, a.k.a. had a hard time putting it down.  When I finished the last page and Ethan asked me how it was, I told him craaaazy, which spurred a conversation about it.  Ethan’s not big on reading, which is funny for a few reasons, so when I read him the back cover he became disturbed.  How could I read a book that had “plane crashes, drug orgies, motorcycle accidents, mass rapes, attempted abortion, suicide and evil doctors?”  I tried to explain that it was groundbreaking cult fiction from the 60s & 70s, that I needed to add it to my fiction arsenal, but he wasn’t convinced.

Now I don’t go about seeking provocative books, I mostly like beautifully written novels that don’t hit my core on an ethical level.  But sometimes one sneaks through.  Do you have any books you like to read that don’t line up with how you live your life?  Just curious.

P.S. I love the convenience of my nook, but it felt SO GOOD to actually turn pages again.



  1. Mary Ellen · · Reply

    I love turning the pages of a book!!!!!!!

    1. It is refreshing to mix in paperbacks now and again =)

  2. I agree on the page turning thing….that is why I have not purchased one of those fancy new fangled things!!

    1. Hehe, it keeps the amount of things I have to move back to a minimum…but with the way I’m missing my books I’m sure it was worth it!!

  3. i’ve been craving some light fluffy stuff. currently trying to read the kite runner at the pool and i’m not getting very far.

    1. Eek…pools do require fluff!

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