Ten Days


When life is good, I sometimes forget how things weren’t always this way.  We get set into a routine, waking up to each other isn’t as special as the first month of married/living-together life, you know what I mean.  But then I get reminded…reminded for ten days what it is like to live without him.  When Ethan is gone, its like sleeping without my blanky– such an unsettling feeling…a constant melancholy.

I tried to keep it on the DL for obvious reasons, but Ethan has been in the field for ten days and he gets back…TONIGHT!  We used to go months and months without seeing each other in person, with only letters at first then phone calls and Skype to keep us connected.  These past ten days have felt like forever, eternity.  Both Simon and I just want our man back.  Since he’s been gone, a rumor started floating around about a possible deployment, and I held my breath for the truth.  And the truth is, a group from his company is deploying.  But luckily, it’s on a volunteer basis.  I was sick to my stomach with worry and what if’s, and I feel so grateful we won’t be separated for another great stretch of time in the coming months (as far as I know).

I love the above photo so much.  I took it right after we got engaged, on such a wonderful Christmas holiday– my handsome soldier.  He was home for about the same amount of time that he’s been gone these past two weeks, and I’m happy to be on the other side of that now.  There are so many good things awaiting us…for the summer and the rest of our lives.



  1. Mary Ellen · · Reply

    I’m sure he missed you and Simon even more!!!!!

    1. I can tell he did =)

  2. You are brave….I am sure being the wife of a soldier is a scary thing at times. Enjoy welcoming your soldier home!!

    1. Thanks Jayne. Most days it doesn’t feel that different…but those ten days were rough!

  3. I don’t know how you do it! I’m sure he can’t wait to see you as well!

    1. He definitely missed us =)

  4. hope it was a lovely reunion!

    1. It was! And a lovely weekend =)

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