“I Brought You Flowers”

flowersThis week…

…I did a lot of writing.  Like, 7000+ words of a new story.  And I’m feeling really good about it.  Very summer, very dear to my heart.  I also did something I should have done a loooong time ago, which is compile a massive list of all my favorite names (regardless if they are ones I would like to use for future children or not).  It’s very accessible in my Notes tab on my MacBook and I can’t wait to add to it.

…I started reading Alice Hoffman’s The Ice Queen.  So interesting and steamy.  Desire, regret, and a whole lot of lightning.  I’m finding that I can’t get enough of Ms. Hoffman’s work, and I only wish I was buying paperback copies to add to my real-life library!

…brought me more mosquito bites than I think I’ve ever had in my entire life.  It’s to the point where I have to apply bug-spray just to walk Simon (for pee-breaks no less!).  For my walks I’ve started layering clothing even though I feel extremely warm with shorts over my pants and a hoodie over my tee.  But I’m desperate to stop itching!  What species in the food-chain eats mosquitos?  I need to make it my new bodyguard.

…is officially done-zo!  Seriously!  I guess it’s easy when I don’t have a job, so my weekend starts when Ethan gets off.  And he came home early yesterday with a beautiful basket of flowers (he called it a buffet: carnations, baby roses, irises, daisies, tulips, and spider mums)!  Tonight we are going out for sushi and Man of Steel.  Flowers + date night?  I’m one lucky gal!

What do you have planned for the weekend?  Ethan and I are going to be visiting the gym (his idea, PT test Tuesday), but he does have today and Monday off, so it’s really a four-day for us…followed by another four-day for the 4th!!  How is it that June is coming to a close?  Wigging out over here.

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  1. Mary Ellen · · Reply

    I cannot believe June is almost over!!! Where did it go? Hope you enjoy your long weekend with your wonderful hubby!!!!

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