Monthly Archives: June 2013

The Summer Solstice

| what pure happiness looks like | Happy Monday lovelies!  So much excitement this weekend, first with Ethan’s homecoming.  Both Simon and I were jumping up and down with happiness to see him.  Lots of cuddles and kisses and playtime around here.  Saturday we started our day early with breakfast out and a speedy trip […]

Ten Days

When life is good, I sometimes forget how things weren’t always this way.  We get set into a routine, waking up to each other isn’t as special as the first month of married/living-together life, you know what I mean.  But then I get reminded…reminded for ten days what it is like to live without him. […]

DIYs Don’t Go My Way

I am now 100% positive I could never make a living from making things.  Yesterday I dedicated a hunk of my afternoon to trying to make a nifty screen for our front window, since Alaska has been experiencing hot temps; but it was not as easy as the Internet (coughcoughPinterest) led me to believe it […]