Gloomy, rainy, and gray…is this normal Alaska?  Hello, all.  It doesn’t feel like summer here at all!!!  I guess that’s what I get for complaining about the heat.  I’ve been quite busy lately with a lot of top secret business, and I don’t mean to spike your interest because I can’t say another word about it!  Don’t get your hopes up, I haven’t heard from any literary agencies.  I am still writing (when I have a few hours to sit down and concentrate) and working on that other thing.  There is nothing I crave more right now than home renovations and summer parties with s’mores!  We are still working on Fourth plans, unfortunately.  Hoping something pops up that we can feel festive about.  Anyway, I feel like I may be a little absent this week, since nothing’s really changed around these parts.  I have been fairly active elsewhere though, so please, don’t forget to follow me on Pinterest, Twitter, and Facebook.  And of course Bloglovin if you are into that sort of thing!

Thank you again for your readership and presence on this here little bloggie.



  1. I love reading that you’re writing so much lately! keep those creative juices flowing…

    1. Thank you! That’s mighty encouraging =)

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