Wild Alaska

wild alaska

I got a sense that we have been missing out on real Alaska life this weekend…you know, the boating and fishing and hiking.  In a place as vast and wild as AK, I feel a little foolish that I haven’t experienced that side of it yet.  And after seeing some Instagrams from a friend who is from here, its safe to say Ethan and I aren’t living it up the Alaskan way.

On most days, truth be told, it is hard for me to rationalize how anyone could live here.  Although the greatest perk for me is sleeping with the windows open for chilly nights under the covers, the mosquitos, long and arduous winter and crazy high cost of living don’t make it seem worth it.  That is unless you live for the outdoors and spend every second either outside or devising a way to get outside.  And though I’d love to spend more time out doing things, the situation can feel pretty helpless when we don’t have the resources (a.k.a. a friend/family network that shares the same interests).  So while it’d be nice to spend a Saturday boating and fishing, I still have no idea how we would go about doing it, let alone planning it.

It seems for now we will stick to places we can get to by car and foot, and hope for the best.  Eventually, before we leave of course, I want to play tourist and take trips by plane and boat to see a little more.



  1. I feel like I would absolutely be outdoors as much as I could if I lived there! (weather permitting of course). gorgeous photograph btw.

    1. I wish I could be…even if it was sitting on my porch all day long! I don’t think I’d like to camp though…

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