Oh my, it’s Friday.  This week has been crazy/amazing busy and all I have to say is all my productivity has taken its toll!

~      I’ve been working A LOT in Photoshop and I forgot how gratifying it is to move around fonts, draw lines, and create.  It’s a whole different level of creativity than writing, and I’m even going to be upping it a notch with paper products in the coming months.  As the hush-hush project I’m engrossed in unfolds, I can’t wait to share every little detail with you.

~      Thursday early morning I couldn’t sleep.  So I started my day at one a.m. and felt oh so glamorous (not) when Ethan woke up at five to go to work!  I had froggie voice all day and felt a bit out of sorts.  This gal needs her sleep!  But just the same, it was kind of interesting sitting up and listening to all the traffic on the highways…even at three. a.m. those roads are so busy!  My absolute favorite thing though is when the world is just quiet enough to hear a distant train.

~      A little festival is happening this weekend and I’m hoping I can convince Ethan to walk down to grab some tasty treats.  I know he’ll try to convince me to get cotton candy for the millionth time…who knows, I might just give in.  Other than that things should be pretty low-key, though I do need to start prepping the apartment for my mom and sister’s trip that’s in ten days!!!  We are all beyond excited.  Breakfast bennies, walking the trails, and antiquing?  What could be better?

~      Mazzy Star radio has been streaming on my laptop since, say, Wednesday.  Perfect mellow music to concentrate to!  Nick Drake, Feist, and Portishead make frequent appearances.  Sometimes I feel like playing Feist’s cover of Leonard Cohen’s “Closing Time” repeatedly would be even more enjoyable, but that track is mighty elusive.

That’s all I have for you!  Except, of course, if you love Wildfox…and then I’d tell you to check out their preview of Fall’s collection Daisy’s Girls here.  They just know how to make me want to lounge in word tees and flowy skirts all day and live it up with sparkle once the sun goes down!  Happy weekending, xx



  1. Mary Ellen · · Reply

    I cannot believe it is almost time to visit!!!!!!!

    1. I’m so excited!!!!!!!

  2. “The visit” is fast approaching….I am excited for all of you!! 😉

  3. ohh If only we could afford Wild Fox clothes…My closet would be full of their tees.

    1. I’m still going to try to make it happen. I own a hoodie and practically live in it!!

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