The Bear Paw Festival

bearpaw1bearpawfestival2| the shade was our friend  p.s.  check out that hair progress |

| a.k.a. still not a bob |

bearpaw3bearpaw4| too good not to eat |

Final note:  I’ve seriously been craving the Scrambler…or as Six Flags calls it, Shazam!  I didn’t see one here though, and I was bummed!  That and the tilt-a-whirl are my absolute favorites.



  1. Mary Ellen · · Reply

    What beautiful blue skies!!!!! Funnel cake definitely looks yummy!!!

    1. I hope they are blue for you and Amanda!

  2. I LOVE the tilt-a-whirl too Dana!! Warm Funnel Cake….to die for!!

    1. We had to walk through major crowds to find a shady spot to eat it– I was so nervous it was going to fly off my plate!!

  3. Amanda Wozniak · · Reply

    mmmm funnel cake

  4. DRRRROOOLLL…funnel cake. overall though – looks like a lovely summer day!

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