This Time Next Week…

…my best friends will be here in Alaska for a five-day visit.  And I am so so unbelievably excited, because honestly, it is the highlight of my entire summer.

Truth be told, my sister and mom are my best friends.  I have friends that aren’t blood, but…if I’m being 100% honest…my family are my girls.  We cocktail, we shop, road-trip while singing our hearts out, we curl up for movie nights and have lunch dates.  We will dance, do projects and all wear glasses.  They know everything that is going on in my life, and I talk to both my sister and mom at least twice a day.  Sometimes we like nothing better than to sit outside and shoot the breeze.

So yes, not that I want to wish my time away, but…I cannot wait until they are here.  And then time can stop for a little while, I won’t mind.  Really going to squeeze every ounce of happy togetherness out of next week.  It will have to hold me over until sometime in October!



  1. Mary Ellen · · Reply

    Yay!!!!!! Can’t wait!!!!!!!

    1. Me neither!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Amanda Wozniak · · Reply

    i cant wait either!!!! love you cster!!!

    1. Love you too!!! It’s gonna be sooooo fun!!

  3. I am soooo excited for all of you guys!!

    1. Thanks Jayne!

  4. how fun!! you’re going to have a grand ol’ time.

    1. I know, we are all so so excited =)

  5. how fabulous. enjoy every second!!

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