Summer Skin Staple

kpdutyEven especially in places like Alaska, it’s nice to show a little summer skin.  After long, hard winters, shedding some layers keeps ya sane!  And although I’m the first to throw on a tank top for the sunshine, I’ve always felt untouchable and a little self-conscious.  My arms and legs are anything but smooth.  I didn’t know what I called chicken skin was something that could be treated; sadly I only knew my normal exfoliation routine didn’t affect it.

Enter KP duty (a product I thankfully found through A Piece of Toast blog).  It’s a clinically proven product for improving the appearance of dry and rough skin, caused by an excess production of skin cells around hair follicles (eww!).  Medically, Keratosis Pilaris suggests a possible link to people diagnosed with eczema.  I found that interesting, as I’ve had KP for years, but only recently was diagnosed with eczema.

Once I started using the nifty lotion, I began to see and feel results!  I’m almost done with my current bottle, but I can guarantee I won’t go another summer without it!  Get yours with free shipping from Nordstrom like I did.

What are your summer skin staples?



  1. slightly off topic, but i love that your backdrop is a jean jacket 🙂 i just ordered one and it came in the mail yesterday. how did i ever live without it?

    1. Wow! Hehe thanks 😉 My jean jacket was hands down one of the best purchases I’ve ever made. Where did you order yours from? I can just tell you will live in it!

  2. i got it from nordies! it is kut from the kloth and the denim is just so light and soft and has a little “give” i feel a little unauthentic since i didn’t get a levi’s, but i didn’t think i could find one flattering enough.

    1. Fabulous! Mine is Lucky Brand, from like, three years ago. Just happened upon it in the Galleria store. I wouldn’t worry about it, honestly. I think Levi’s brand is best when vintage!!

  3. I might need to try this out…(ps- you’re knocking it out of the park w/ your blog photos lately!!)

    1. Thank you so much! I’ve been actively trying hehe. And yeah, KP duty…totally worth it.

  4. Yes this is a wonderful product that works and they have great packaging too!

    Ali of

    Dressing Ken

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