Signs of a Social Life

musk oxHappy Monday lovelies!  I am so excited for this week, I cannot even begin to tell you.  But while I anxiously wait (and prepare!) for my sister and mom’s visit, I’ll share with you some of my weekend!  After a late Friday night, I woke up Saturday morning in time for a double FaceTime session with my parents, where my dad showed off his new Gibson guitar and my mom gushed about the coming trip.  Clementine joined in the fun too, getting to see her brother through the cameras.  I still am so thankful for technology; being away is so hard some days, but seeing my dad pluck some chords was enough to keep my homesickness at bay.

Later that afternoon, when the clouds dissipated and made way for a gorgeous blue sky and brilliant sun, Ethan and I met some friends at the zoo.  While I went crazy for animals, and probably made a fool of myself cooing over sea lions and otters, everyone else milled about…more eager for some liquid relief from the heat!  After various exhibits and an unfortunate display by an orphaned moose, Ethan and I snuck away from the group to see the brown bears and met up at the cafe.  We all decided it was time for sushi, so we piled in our cars and relished the air conditioning.

Side Note:  isn’t the photo above so interesting?  This is a musk ox– using its horn to scratch its leg!  I don’t know why, but I am fascinated by instances such as this.

Sushi is rapidly becoming one of Ethan’s and my favorite date night dinners, but we switched up our selections to each other’s usual choices (lobster roll — yum!).  Ethan has already begun to lament about missing out on Ronnie’s when we move back home in two years!  After failing at getting some Cold Stone and visiting with Simon boy for a few hours, we reconvened with the friends for game night.  For future reference, never use Zimbabwe as a charades clue!  It is extremely difficult to act out.

Sunday we woke up to Ethan’s phone ringing.  Surprise!  He had to report to duty — a twenty-four hour shift, to be exact!  And it was nothing short of a bummer watching him suit up on the weekend.  But I did google chat with Amanda and her boyfriend (who I’ve never met in person) and that certainly brightened my day!  After that it was time for more cleaning.  I cannot wait for our visitors to arrive!!!!!!

How was your weekend?


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  1. Mary Ellen · · Reply

    See you soooooooon!!!!!!!!

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