The Sunny Side of Alaska, II

the sunny side

| wooden path on the coastal trail |

the sunny side 1

| halibut fish and chips |

the sunny side 2the sunny side 3

| morning hike at Thunder Bird Falls |

the sunny side 4

| great use of vintage tea cups & saucers |

the sunny side 5

| view from the top of the Bodenburg Butte |

the sunny side 7

| the Butte from a distance |

the sunny side 6

| beautiful wildflowers, I can’t get enough of them |



  1. It is very beautiful there….always enjoy seeing pics of Simon! Fish and chips looks delish!

    1. Glad you can follow along with our adventures!

  2. Mary Ellen · · Reply

    Alaska is soooooooo beautiful!!!!!!! Still no moose sightings 😦

    1. Thank goodness for yesterday!!

  3. my my my i am drooling over those fish and chips.

    1. They are melt-in-your-mouth gooood.

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